It is our pleasure to welcome you to Era Conferences website. To brief you on the company’s business. We aim to combine independent and detailed content with adult learning principles, novel ideas and multiple medical education formats. The objective is to build medical education platforms that enable healthcare practitioners to share the latest evidence, research and clinical practices. We have a solid reputation of developing educational programs based on the outcome of needs assessment, current trends, clinical data and latest technology that impact healthcare practitioners.

By cooperating with our customers, suppliers, employees and communities, we focus our expertise and resources on developing the most promising markets in the interest of all partners. We constantly strive to provide the highest quality for all and maintain a leading position in the local and international markets through continuously improving our knowledge, production capabilities, and competitiveness. We shall always rely on the highest quality standards in achieving all of our goals.

We are a highly-trusted provider of healthcare events and are renowned for getting to the heart of the matter. What makes us the frontrunner is our unique ability to combine regional cultural experience with modern and innovative solutions for our clients. Our strength lies in our extensive experience and operational knowledge of medical training and health education locally and internationally. Era Conferences possesses a unique and robust skill set in its management competency, holding specialized operational knowledge and recognized experience in Medical Education.

Era conference offers a group of services from Medical Conferences, Training Programs, Event Management, Distance Learning and Media Education Services. We work closely with a vast network of experts, advisors, scientific committees and important stakeholders to deliver the highest standard in quality Medical Training, Health Education and customer satisfaction that meet the needs and expectations of healthcare professionals.

we believe that success comes from cooperation, so we put our company’s resources at the service of our clients and partners; experience, knowledge, energy, production facilities, network of experts and innovative spirit of our team.

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